Is Satan kinda POC??

I originally designed the angels and demons after the Hebrews with their appearances. A lot of varying skin tones in the Middle East/Africa which is refreshing!

Obligatory Halloween comic: check.

Why do I get a feeling deep in my gut that Gabe isn't particularly fond of Michaelmas either?

He’s probably clean-up crew to be honest. If it’s windy today it’s just his excessive sighing

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So today is Michaelmas, you guys! A holiday all about appreciating the Archangel Michael. I’m sure someone as self-absorbed as he is enjoys this holiday a lot. There are (or were?) feasts thrown and all that good stuff for celebrating. And isn’t Mike such a good brother to keep inviting Satan?

Sometimes Natalie forgets he doesn’t sleep.

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Hey, I started to slowly upload just the comic installments to Tapastic for those who wanted to read them in order. This blog will still be updated first, and it will keep the majority of information (ie: asks, character bios), as well as the doodles I do for this.

If you guys wanna subscribe then here’s the link.

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I think people are thinking "Good morning Vietnam" is a supernatural reference, and not realizing it actually came from something else well before supernatural

I did it cuz I watched the Robin Williams movie “Good Morning Vietnam” with my mom when I drew it lol But I guess Lucifer said it in Supernatural, too. My bad.

You did /NOT/ just reference Supernatural.

People keep asking me this, and I love Supernatural, but I haven’t watched it for about a year + so I’m not quite sure which reference people are talking about?

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This makes me uncomfortable

3 amigos

I’ve been seeing a lot of this kind of stuff going around, so I hopped on board. I feel like Nat would do some scrapbooky type things

where have you been lately? I've missed watching you draw.

I’ve been going to school and working all the time. I have a lot of art homework too that is very timeconsuming fml I’ve also been compiling the donation usernames and working on the bonus comic for them in my spare time. I’m sorry I haven’t been on as much. I don’t work Saturday so maybe I can stream that evening?