Gonna start tagging all new updates with #Satanandmeupdates for people who want to track just the new updates and not necissarily everything that gets tagged in the regular #Satanandme tag. Hope that is helpful to people who have requested that of me.

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Music to his ears

I know this has virtually nothing to do with anything, but I saw this tag and yesss See?? Weekend at Bernie’s parodies are everywhere Weekend at Satan’sss

I doubt this is encouraging him to make friends.

Again, if you guys haven’t heard of the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s,” it’s basically about this rich guy, Bernie, who gets murdered and these two stupid boys throw a party at Bernie’s house and drag him around like a rag doll with sunglasses. No one even notices he’s dead. 

Here’s the trailer if you wanna see. It’s a pretty funny movie.


I hope you all know the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s,” cuz if you don’t then the update’s punchline will die faster than Bernie did….

I recommend watching the trailer to at least glean the concept.

Perpetual bedhead for someone who isn’t capable of sleeping. Ironic

Operation: Stop being such a Debby Downer is now in effect. 

Id feel much better in life if Zack was my best friend

A poem for you and your friend choices:

Zack’s on crack

He’s outta wack

Don’t ever talk smack

Cuz he might just stab you in the back


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Really bored sketch dump

draw gay kissus

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The place for these two in my heart started as a crack and now it’s a chasm 

Natalie McAllister: World’s worst family counselor 

The maturest one in Satan’s posse is Satan and that’s really sad

Cute family portrait is cute ugh

Awh, the series is coming to an end? ; A ;

In a long while, no worries. I was just scribbling plot bunnies tonight for how the End of Days stuff is going down. I don’t see the comic ending for quite some time don’t worry about it

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